Verified Paypal Excess Funds

Now offering for a limited time on the Clearnet (January ONLY): legit paypal funds.

January Prices

*Split into two payments of approximately $900 each over 12 hours. Verified accounts only.

**Split into 8 payments of approximately $875-$900 each over 4 days. Verified accounts only.

We are willing to negotiate rates and methods for more bitcoins.


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Why are your prices so high?

Because we go through the trouble of cycling the funds through 30-50 accounts before landing in the final destination. Occasionally, paypal takes down one of our accounts or providers. This decreases our margins and we share the cost of operations with you.

How are payments sent?

We send them as a family/friend payment that is non-reversible.

How soon can I expect the funds in my account?

Within 2 hours or less. Typically we take about 40 minutes to finish our process. We’ve never taken longer than 3 hours.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if we cannot complete the transaction in 24 hours due to account issues, we will return all of your bitcoins to the address you sent it from. If you have already received the funds, please let us know if paypal decides to hold them, we will be able to tell you how long to wait and if a refund is necessary.

Do I need to be paypal verified?

You need at least a valid credit card and a semi-active account otherwise the funds will be held by paypal for up to 21 days. If you are verified, it would make things easier and you’ll instantly receive them.

How many transactions can I do per month?

You can receive 1 payment per account per month maximum for regular accounts. For verified accounts, 1 payment per week max.

Will I get into trouble for this?

NO. We have done this thousands of times over the last few years. Not once has anyone complained or gotten caught. We cycle the accounts frequently and through many proxies, most of them legit and there’s no real way to tell the origin of the funds. We are professionals.

Why can’t you set up your own paypals?

We already do, however, because we want to remain undetected and expand as well, we are seeking partners for long term relationships. If we can get 50-70 reliable partners, we will probably stop offering this service in both the clearnet and darkweb.

Do you offer test amounts?

No. We are not going to burn 30+ accounts for $10.

Can we split 50/50 after I receive the funds instead?

No. If you are a new client, we will not split payments with you. If you’ve done 10 or more transactions, can maintain $5000 or more per month and are reliable, we can negotiate.

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