Stealth Moneygram Funds Transfers

1/3/2020 UPDATE: Moneygram Is Back

After a lot of hard work for several weeks and new, updated techniques, we are now able to offer excess moneygram fund transfers of up to $15,000.

January Prices

For payments of over $2500, we split them into multiple pickups.


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Why are your prices so high?

We use our own unique combination of 0 day methods and multiple cards and bank accounts to safely transfer funds to you. You will not find these methods anywhere. Due to the long process we often have to endure to prepare everything, our commitment to putting our clients first, moneygram constantly changing it’s rules and other setbacks from time to time, we feel like it’s fair to charge a higher rate than you would with other questionable providers.

How are payments sent?

Depending on the receiving country, we either send through a bank account or through a credit card.

When will I receive the funds?

You will get a moneygram confirmation number within 24 hours. You can pick up the funds anytime within the next week.

Do you offer refunds?

If you contact us before you receive the confirmation number, yes. Otherwise, no.

Can I pick up the funds in a different country than I listed?

No. Do not deviate from our instructions. We go through a lot of very carefully planned steps to make sure the funds you receive are clean and untraceable in origin.

How many transactions can I do per month?

2 per ID + address per moneygram agent per week.

Will I get into trouble for this?

NO. We cycle funds through both debit cards and bank accounts in multiple countries to make sure their origins are extremely difficult to find. We have a lot of experience and have never gotten a complaint. Ever.

Why can’t you pick up the funds yourself?

We simply don’t have enough runners to do the volume we’re capable of doing. That actually limits the number of accounts we can cycle at any given time. We are offering this opportunity to a number of reliable clients that we can work with for months/years.

Do you offer test amounts?


Can we split 50/50 after I receive the funds instead?

No. If you are a new client, we will not split payments with you. If you’ve done 10 or more transactions, can maintain $15,000 or more per month (moneygram only) and are reliable, we will negotiate.

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