2020 Recent Customer Reviews

We Send Paypal Funds within 2 hours:

MAN I can’t thank you enough bro.., Just got my paypal xfer..it cleared of course :)). kept it for 3 dys then sent to my real acc. sent the rest to the exchge you told me about…wow you saved me this month! total spent? $350…lol!!..and yes of course you can use my review 5/5

– E.W., Dominica

Just paid for my rent this month. I haven’t held this much money in my hand in years. I’m speechless.

-Ruby, VA

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We Send WU and Moneygram Funds in 24-48 Hours (safety reasons)

Is he a good vendor? See my stack this week and decide for yourself.

-Eddis, MI

I decided to dive in after reading all the reviews. Wish I had started sooner because I’m now operating a full time business with these guys. My first transfer was for $1k and got $11,808.90 total (OVER the $11.5k promised).We’ll make money for years to come.

– Anonymous, Germany

I just got $2400 moneygram for $400 btc. This.is.insane. 100% vouch, this site is the only legit hacked funds transfer in the clearnet. I have no idea how these guys have operated for so long but they’re good

-VHong, CA

I’m no expert, but I think I’ve been doing ok with these guys 🙂

-Kay, USA

My money printer + 2000 VCCs just arrived yesterday from you guys. Mama said money doesn’t grow on trees, she was right, I grow it in my attic.


We are the original clearnet carders and we’ve been operating since 2017. Too many fakers and rippers attempt to copy us, but they can’t. We have 100% original, 0 day methods we develop on our own.

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Jus arrivd tdy bro pls lemme know when ur stocked up for more. I’m literrally waiting for u.

-Anonymous, USA

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